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22 Dec 2019

3 Types of Middle Business Food Design for Snack

The snack market is changing, including the snack market for the SME business model. Likewise the way we eat. While the traditional diet of 3 structured foods still exists, many of us snack more often. Millennials are the most likely to get carried away by snack attacks - they can snack four times a day! So what does this mean for packaging more

22 Dec 2019

Perhatikan Hal Berikut Sebelum Mendesain Packaging Makanan Plastik

For you food businesses, packaging business is an important aspect for the sustainability of your business. But before deciding what kind of design is good for your product, it helps you to know various things that need to be considered to understand the ins and outs of packaging design, so that later, plastic food packaging or food packaging more