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26 Nov 2019

Trik Membawa Makanan Kemasan Saat Berlibur

Tricks to Carry Packaged Food While on Vacation

Not feel any moment of the end of the year holidays immediately greeted. Do you already have a plan for how to spend the year-end holidays? In addition to having to prepare holiday gear, you can usually also bring practical food if you are afraid of foods that do not match the tastes in the city or country you will visit.

There are some practical food packages that you can bring to minimize space in the bag as follows:

Dried food

Dry foods such as tempeh chips, anchovies or dried potatoes are the right choice if you are on vacation for a longer period of time because they have a relatively long period of time if stored. Remember, it's really packing. You also need to pay attention to the container to package so that inspection at the airport becomes easier.

Complementary Food

Are you the type of person who likes spicy food? To prevent flavors that are not suitable in other cities or countries, it helps you to bring complementary foods such as chili sauce, tomato sauce or even soy sauce according to taste. Always keep in mind that take it in the form of sachets to make it more practical.

Shredded Cow or Chicken

This packaged food is practically the most practical if taken while on vacation. Besides being practical, you can also eat shredded with other side dishes without reducing the taste of these side dishes. However, you should bring this labeled shredded product so that the inspection at the airport will be much smoother.

After you prepare a variety of packaged foods that can be brought while on vacation, you also need to know some tips and tricks for carrying these foods to always be safe in your bag or suitcase without contaminating your clothes or equipment, namely:

Bring to taste

Of course while on vacation, surely you have prepared equipment that is very minimalist to be used within a certain period. For food supplies, you should take it in sufficient quantities and do not overdo it. Always place the food in food packages or drinks that are compact to carry. If, you also intend to bring dry snacks, you should first move to other food packaging because it will take up a bigger place.

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Use Appropriate Packaging

The choice of packaging is very important when you are going to bring food while on vacation, especially if you are using an airplane or a car that will make your suitcase or bag range become messy or spilled due to a tight shake while traveling. Therefore, you must use packaging that has a tight and tightly closed seal so that food will not spill and contaminate your clothes in your suitcase or bag. In addition, the seal will keep food fresh when consumed without being contaminated by outside air which will reduce the taste of the packaging.

Bring Disposable Cutlery

Bringing packaged food, it will be more practical and complete if you use disposable and environmentally friendly cutlery such as spoons and forks. In addition to being easy to carry anywhere, when disposing of the cutlery does not pollute the environment. You can choose contemporary cutlery sets made from bamboo or paper with good quality.

So, where are you going on vacation at the end of this year?