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15 Aug 2019

6 Tips to Create an Effective Food Packaging

Packaging plays an important role in being the first point of contact between a product and its consumers. It has a significant impact on the purchasing intent of the consumer.

A good packaging will entice its consumers to buy the product, even when they have no prior knowledge of the product. 

When it comes to purchase intent and product satisfaction, a good packaging plays an important role. An effective packaging will also act as a product icon, which seamlessly integrates the brand image to the consumers’ mind. 

On the other hand, a poorly packaged product often fails to attract consumer purchase.

In this article, we will share 6 useful tips to create an effective food packaging:

1. Creative and ergonomic

A creative and innovative design which allows for ease of use or consumption of the food is a necessity in the modern world. Busy modern-day consumers value simplicity and convenience when consuming food on the go. 

2. Color and unique features

Bright colors are often used to enhance the appearance amd attractiveness of food packaging.

Metallic colors such as iridescent gold are used to give a luxurious and elegant fell to a product.

To attract consumers, it is recommended to use packaging with a unique design. If necessary, you can create a new, bold design which can be an exclusive feature that represent your product and brand identity.

This unique feature makes it easy for consumers to identify and recognize you product, or even make your product an icon of other similar products. 

2. Informative

Clear and succinct product description on the product packaging, along with the description on how to use the product is very helpful to consumers.

It is also important to include the necessary certifications for your food products from the authorized government agency in the country where the product is marketed.

For example, snack products will require certifications from the Department of Health or BPOM. 

3. Size

Adjust your packaging to the size of your product. Avoid packaging which are too big or too small for the product to avoid product damage.

4. Target your consumers

A product with premium packaging will incur a high cost to manufacture, which in turn will increase the selling price. 

Therefore, before creating a product packaging, you need to take into consideration the target consumers for the product. 

If our target consumers are middle to low class, it will be difficult to compete with a high cost. However, if the target consumers are middle to upper class, a premium packaging coupled with a higher product selling price will not be a deterrent to consumers. 

5. Special pack

Promotion can be a good way to introduce your tastefully packaged product to the consumers.

Seize opportunities during big national holidays or festive events. For example, during Hari Raya, you can try offering special pack products with limited edition colors, design and price promotions. 

These are several key information which you need to consider when designing an effective food packaging. 

Here are some examples of how these ideas can be applied in real life:

Packing takeaway meals in an attractive way

The food industry is a heavily competitive industry, with multitudes of vendors offering similar types of food products. When marketing takeaway meals such as martabak, waffle or hamburger, you need to packaged your food products in a unique way to make it stand out from the competition. 

Make the packaging attractive with bright colors. For martabak, you can design brightly colored martabak box with a unique design or logo.

For waffle or hamburger, use thick kraft paper boxes which can carry heavy food print your logo on the packaging. 

Designing an attractive snack packaging

It’s no secret that Indonesians love to snack.

Snacking becomes a part of daily life, fueled by the availability of a wide variety of snacks on the market. 

If you are thinking of starting a business in the snack industry, you need to ensure your snack packaging stands out from the rest of the snacks in the market. 

Here’s a usfeul tip, choose good quality, thick plastic to maintain the quality of your snack products. 

Designing an attractive cookie packaging

The cookie industry is a very lucrative segment within the snack industry. Cookies tend to be in high demand especially during the Lebaran period. 

As a result, you’ll need to compete extra hard with other vendors in order to have a competitive edge on your cookie products.

What differentiates a winner in this industry often starts from the way their cookie products are packaged. 

Pick a unique cookie jar and add your own personalized touch, such as a bow or a sticker on the jar.