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26 Nov 2019

5 Hal yang Harus Diperhatikan Sebelum Mendesain Kemasan untuk UKM

5 Things to Look For Before Designing a Package for SMEs

As a business owner of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and competing with several other brands, you certainly must have an attractive branding so that consumers can immediately glance at your brand without having to compare with competitors. Where can you create the right branding? One of them is from the design of your product packaging, because these elements are immediately visible to consumers when they want to buy your product.

However, what is the right strategy to create eye-catchy and attractive packaging designs for consumers? Check out some of the tips:

In-depth Research on Competitors

Before designing to design your product packaging, it is necessary to have specific and detailed research on similar competitors such as colors, materials used and the shape of the packaging. This is not solely as a business owner you can imitate 100% of the packaging because it will adversely affect your brand. At least, you know what kind of information or design many people need. And don't forget as a choice for more than one design to compare which one consumers prefer.

Choose a Color to Demonstrate Product Excellence

Each brand must have its own identity that can be conveyed through color. Before making a packaging design, it's good to know in advance what colors are indeed in accordance with your brand so that when consumers first see it, they will immediately choose your product over competitors.

Pay Attention to Packaging Safety

If you are ready to market food and beverage products, it is a sign that you are ready to choose safe food packaging. This is an important factor when choosing and determining the type of packaging regardless of the design to be made. Product safety is an important factor in protecting food or drinks in it from being contaminated.

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Pay Attention to New Design Creativity

In addition to unique colors and designs, creativity also needs to be considered again when designing food packaging for your business. The more creative your food design will be more attractive in the eyes of consumers and leave a positive impression for the consumers themselves. The creativity aspects are very much starting from the shape, size, color selection, font design. If you are still confused looking for inspiration, actually through your product can also be an inspiration for the packaging itself.

Practical Packaging Design

In addition to creativity, practicality in making food designs is also a matter that must be considered. Put your position as a consumer when buying goods, if the packaging is too difficult they will be lazy to open it and do not want to buy it back. You can try to think about things in more detail before making appropriate food packaging.

Good packaging design is the right key for your business to satisfy consumers. Behind that, the right packaging design is also a form of branding your product to be more widely known to consumers.